|WhatsApp , Telegram:+18502500944 | wickr:AUSTROPEPTIDE

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Attempts have been made to defraud Internet shoppers by the unauthorized use of the AUSTROPEPTIDE TEMPLATES in their website or their products, They are not AUTHORIZED RESELLER of our company.

RED TEMPLATE is only for AUSTROPEPTIDE in the peptide industry

Please aware, what we are sending all of the emails from our domain name and you can double check again through our valid Whatsapp number.

We haven’t any authorized distributors in China. We are selling directly via EMAIL or THIS WEBSITE .

We haven’t any twitter or facebook page, we are publishing any comments of our customers in our this website.

We don’t use other wickr or email or WhatsApp

We have only bellow contact information:|WhatsApp , Telegram:+18502500944 | wickr:AUSTROPEPTIDE

Other wickr or emails or WhatsApp accounts are not valid for AUSTROPEPTIDE.

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